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Since the creation of the 3d Fabrication Committee, we have strived to get equipment that will increase productivity, and limit users only by their imagination.

To this end we have the following hardware for use for DMS members.

PolyPrinter, Rostock Prisma (under construction) - The prisma has actually printed a test object. There is much to do in the way of calibration, but it is on it's way.

Things we would like to get:

  1. Powder Printer
  2. Laser Sintering Printer
  3. DLP Printer

We are a non-profit organization, and I would invite any manufacturer out there to donate equipment. It is completely tax deductible, and will be a show piece for your company that will be seen by the numerous members and visitors to the DMS. We also attend public events where we will display items printed on said hardware, and describe to the users how the technology will benefit them. This has directly lead to purchases from other users inside the DMS for other equipment we have gotten.


  1. PolyPrinter Model 229 (6)
  2. PolyPrinter Model 508
  3. RostockMAX V3
  4. RepRap Mendel90 Dibond Frame (1)
  5. Form 2 SLA printer (File:Form2 SLA Resin Curing.pdf)

Print Queues--Onsite Only

  1. Each printer has as URL posted on it which you can use. Please remember that you MUST be in the building to monitor/respond to anything which arises with your print job.