Prisma Printer

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The prisma is a form of delta printer. A delta printer suspends the print head over the bed by three arms, that are moved at different angles to move the head over the print bed. This method has many advantages, and a few disadvantages.


  • The print head is very light, as there is no extruder on it to give it inertia that has to be started and stopped.
  • With the lighter print head, the printer can now print as fast as the hotend and extruder can keep up
  • Working on these printer is easier over other printer designs, as you have more space to move around in the structure.
  • These printer are captivating to watch, almost as if they are from a creature from another world.


  • Having the extruder away from the hot end, means that the filament has to be retracted MUCH more than it would if it were right on top of the hot end. This is one to avoid globs of melted filament from oozing out of the hotend when it is not intended to.

The build log for the current printer can be found here.