3D Fabrication Committee/report 20140213

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3d Fabrication report for 20140213

Status update:

  1. Rostock Prisma: the project is currently where it needs to be calibrated, and is just waiting on someone to take the time to do so
  2. Chairman Nomination: A call for nominations was done on the committee list, and Andrew Falgout was the only one nominated for the position (Documented on the List archies as of Jan 8, 2014)
  3. Camera in the 3d Fab Area: A vote was cast for putting a camera in the 3d Fab area. The vote was 9 yes to 4 no. There was talk of a donated camera, but recently it has been brought to my attention that there is a particular model that security would like to see used. Going forward, it will be put to the committee membership how this camera should be financed as the filament fun cannot be used for this.