Amateur Radio Committee Meeting - 06.07.15

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  • Justin Edwards KE5BUD
  • Beezel Slartibartfast AKA Pat Hykkonen NT5PH
  • William Petefish KF5WDB
  • Doug Emes KG5BZY
  • Jay Cox KG5BZW
  • Neil Smith KF5WBQ
  • Todd Caldwell K5SLR


  • Review previous months meeting and approve minutes
  • Review financial standing
  • Review last months activities
  • Review membership stats

Old Business

  • Discuss goals and future for the committee/club
  • Discuss Amateur Radio Logo and design
  • Discuss future events
  • Discuss possibility of setting up our own weather station including weather cameras at the space aimed to see the weather and sky (no street view)
  • Confirm Plans for Field Day 2015

New Business

  • Name Tags

Meeting Minutes

  • 1315 took checkins and started meeting
  • 1323 approve previous meeting minutes approve minutes
  • 1324 went over previous month, finances, and membership stats
  • 1334 old business starting with goals and future plans
  • 1340 Pat I want to continue to see us offer classes and mint more hams. Think we are also on a good track with regular meetings. Although I think that we need to endeavour to make more face-to-face meetings where we can do actual hands-on training with folks with their radios, etc
  • 1341 Wiilliam I would like to see some more local classes that have a prerequisite of being a operator... Hands-on stuff would be nice too. Maybe some remote sensing over HAM frequencies.
  • 1342 Doug I'd love for us to do the HAM 101 intro myths and facts as stated before to the general DMS membership
  • 1349 Justin proposed no more in person committee meeting unless needed and would conduct via hangouts, polling members
  • 1357 New goals are for more hands on classes for both new and current hams and a funny intro class. Also committee meetings will be held via google hangouts only unless an in person meeting is needed.
  • 1408 Neil looking at concerted efforts to contest and going over what we can d to foster this.
  • 1419 Justin started review of current logo submissions
  • 1427 Justin Called for vote on logo Michael 1, Michael Doug 4, Pat, Pat Doug 1
  • 1443 Voted for Michaels design with Dougs lettering
  • 1445 Future events reviewed within 30 days, HamCom, Todd, Jay, and Pat Fri. Neil, Pat, William, Doug and Justin Sat.
  • 1455 Justin Tabled weather station till next meeting.
  • 1456 Justin brings up field day plans and sign up, Doug waiting on schedule, Justin full 24,
  • 1511 Justin closed old business moved to new business
  • 1512 Name tags reviewed
  • 1516 Doug proposed group trip to HRO
  • 1517 Justin took over antenna purchase, Pat has been busy
  • Posters and paint possibly by Doug
  • 1528 Adjourned

Hangout Record

Ok folks if you arent gonna make the in person meeting then please check in here with your first and last name and your callsign meeting will probably start a few minutes late I am still in route to the space Justin Edwards 12:49 PM Pat Hykkonen Beezel Slartibartfast NT5PH Pat • 1:00 PM William Petefish William Petefish KF5WDB William • 1:04 PM Doug Emes Doug Emes KG5BZY Still occupied with family commitment s should be able to be there maybe 2:30 Doug • 1:07 PM No problem I am here at the space and so far the only one here for the meeting give me a few minutes and I'll start check-ins in the meeting Ok folks last round of checkins before I start ok give me a sec to ype in attendance Justin Edwards 1:17 PM Doug Emes 👏 Doug • 1:18 PM You added Neil Smith and Jay Cox to the Hangout. Sorry added two people so maybe they will jump in ok so first up approval of previous meetings minutes, any opposed Ok passed, next going over this last month activities and financial standing along with membership stats. last month we found we have a bad kenwood mic, we went over repairing it and found not a feasible option so we are going to order a new one. We designed and built the bottom portion of our desk using franks flat pack design. It is pending sanding and staining which I will be working on today if anyone wants to come up and help. Sorry food got here had to go answer the door Finances, we currently sit at 1214 with the treasury however our estimated balance after current purchases and pending honorarium for the last class is 959.00 The plywood we purchased for our desk was 140 but it was the better quality of wood hence the cost. Frank is in the process of designing our shelving system in the same manner and will mill it once he gets it designed. Ok membership we are at 32 with 1 being a non voting member. That is expected to rise this month after classes and some other planned activities. So on to old business, first up goals and future plans. What would you like to see us doing and where would you like to see us go? Justin Edwards 1:34 PM Pat Hykkonen I want to continue to see us offer classes and mint more hams. Think we are also on a good track with regular meetings. Although I think that we need to endeavour to make more face-to-face meetings where we can do actual hands-on training with folks with their radios, etc. Pat • 1:40 PM Doug Emes Doug • 1:41 PM William Petefish I would like to see some more local classes that have a prerequisite of being a operator... Hands-on stuff would be nice too. Maybe some remote sensing over HAM frequencies. William • 1:41 PM Doug Emes I'd love for us to do the HAM 101 intro myths and facts as stated before to the general DMS membership Now that I'm working again once they settle on a shift for me I plan on setting up a couple classes Doug • 1:43 PM Pat Hykkonen I'd be up for assisting with that. Pat • 1:43 PM Doug Emes Thanks pat, I plan on cribbing some of the jokes from the ICOM comics Doug • 1:44 PM Pat Hykkonen 😉 Pat • 1:44 PM Jay Cox Jay Cox KG5BZW, BTW Jay • 1:44 PM Pat Hykkonen I'll write my own jokes. 😎 Pat • 1:44 PM Doug Emes Hi jay you have sat to my left a couple seats :-) Doug • 1:45 PM LOL sorry guys been dealing manually logging the meeting notes wiki and talk and .org all crashed. Justin Edwards 1:46 PM Neil Smith Checking in: Neil Smith kf5wbq Neil • 1:47 PM Jay got your checkin michael you wanna checkin as well Thanks Neil Justin Edwards 1:47 PM William Petefish take your time. William • 1:47 PM doug well go over logos in a few Justin Edwards 1:47 PM Doug Emes thanks Doug • 1:48 PM Ok Pat I like your ideas and I think we might do away with in person committee meetings unless we need to do an in person meeting and spend more time training both new and current hams. What does everyone think about no more in person committee meetings unless needed? Justin Edwards 1:49 PM William Petefish easier for the most of us. William • 1:50 PM Jay Cox Certainly easier for me Jay • 1:50 PM Neil Smith I'm okay with it. I'm not a fan of mixed media meetings. Neil • 1:51 PM Doug Emes I love that google hangouts allows all of us to have a voice even if were all out at work all over texas Doug • 1:51 PM zach Pat Hykkonen To be clear. I still think face-to-face has a place. The business meetings can certainly be run this way. However, training and so forth should very much be local, real-time, hands-on and we should consider doing those types of things on a regular basis. Suffice it to say, i'm also happy that we have a chair that's pushing things forwards. Thank you, Justin! Pat • 1:53 PM Thank you Pat and yes thats what I meant was in person for training but hangouts for meeting unless we need to do a face to face. That way were saving that time we can make it here to the space for training folks not meetings. Jay would you like to be added to committee? You are not currently listed and if so voting or non voting member, your choice? Justin Edwards 1:55 PM Jay Cox Yes sure. Jay • 1:57 PM Guessing he will answer in a bit. So we want more hands on classes for both new to ham and current hams, a Funny intro class to spark interest and well start doing meetings via hangouts only unless needed to be otherwise. Justin Edwards 1:57 PM Doug Emes good recap Doug • 1:58 PM Ok Jay voting or non voting committee member? Your choice Justin Edwards 2:01 PM Jay Cox I was there when you were voted in. I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be a voting member. Jay • 2:02 PM Ok just making sure its your choice we have some members who want to be committee but not have to vote. Ok so we have gone over goals and future plans anything else you would all like to see? Justin Edwards 2:04 PM Doug Emes Supporting JOTA for the scouts Doug • 2:05 PM Neil Smith Are we, as a committee/station, interested in doing contesting later on? Neil • 2:05 PM Doug Emes jota is oct 16-18 this year, Doug • 2:06 PM Right now that is purely up to you guys, you can contest using the club call sign at anytime just log your station usage on the log sheet and your god to go. good* You drop a post on talk when your doing so to let others know it will be i use and ask for assistance. Justin Edwards 2:07 PM Kent Bowling Neil Smith Okay. I was thinking along the lines of a concerted effort to get some points in a contest, just wasn't sure if anyone else would be interested and/or if we should schedule anything. Neil • 2:08 PM for stuff like that I would post in talk and here so we can all chime in and say hey yeah I am available. I know I am planning to do some once I get over the hill with my business which at this rate will be this month. Justin Edwards 2:10 PM Jay Cox I think that's a good idea (posting about contests on talk). (that is, instead of here) Jay • 2:11 PM Neil Smith Okay. I'll look at the ARRL calendar and see what piques my interested and throw a discussion out there. I think it would get us some publicity to host a JOTA station as Doug mentioned and put it out there for some local troops to use. Neil • 2:11 PM Krissy Heishman Hey Krissy wanna checkin ? Justin Edwards 2:11 PM Doug Emes I know I can get a couple of Garland troops to reach out and contact us for jota Doug • 2:12 PM Todd Caldwell I probably missed this earlier - but do we have plans for field day ? Todd • 2:12 PM YEs well be going over that shortly Michael I am going to show you checked in but for notes sake can you checkin with First and Last name and Call sign like normal? Justin Edwards 2:13 PM Todd Caldwell Todd Caldwell - K5SLR. Joining late. Todd • 2:13 PM Sorry Todd I mixed you up that is my bad. Justin Edwards 2:14 PM Todd Caldwell No prob. Names take a while for me too. ☺ Todd • 2:15 PM Ok folks so we have gone over goals and future plans and added contesting, so on to the next old business item the logo design and usage. Doug I saw your earlier shared post of logos and we also have Michaels submission on the wiki for the logo at Justin Edwards 2:17 PM Doug Emes I like Michael's, I was trying to incorporate the morse for Kd5MS in the microphone section, havent been able to inkscape it up yet Doug • 2:18 PM I would like you all to take a look at what Doug has posted above and Michaels logo and see which you like most. I want to use this for field day and for the committee to brand our selves and for a special project I will mention in new business. Justin Edwards 2:19 PM Doug Emes I also wanted to maybe whip out the club callsign using the 14 segment led alphanumerical font, like for the on air sign or for our club logo, which would be easily replciatable Doug • 2:19 PM Pat Hykkonen Just to throw in here. I think the logo should simply be the DMS "M" with the callsign under it. Pat • 2:19 PM Doug Emes I also realize Im very late on delivery due to my work load Doug • 2:19 PM Todd Caldwell I like the concept. Maybe possibly decrease the height of the earphones part. Suggest more Dave Clark-ish.  ? Todd • 2:20 PM Jay Cox I like the logo Jay • 2:22 PM Ok so we have three options currently Dougs Logo posted above, the logo posted on the link I posted from Micahel, and Pats idea of the DMS logo with KD5MS below it. Please post your pick here in th thread so I can get a tally from you all Justin Edwards 2:23 PM Todd Caldwell I like the one on the Wiki. Todd • 2:24 PM Jay Cox wait, where are the other two logos? Jay • 2:24 PM Doug Emes higher up in the chat log Doug • 2:25 PM Jay Pats was just submitted on here and its not to hard to imagine and Dougs is above in the hangout chat just scroll up to around 44 mins ago or 1341 to see it Justin Edwards 2:26 PM Pat Hykkonen Pat • 2:27 PM So anyone else wanna vote on which one they like most? William, Doug, Jay, Neil, Pat and thank you Pat Justin Edwards 2:27 PM Doug Emes how about the DMS logo with the 14 segment font underneath? a synergy of pats and mine? Doug • 2:27 PM Neil Smith Vote: Michael's (Wiki) Neil • 2:28 PM Pat Hykkonen I prefer simple logos. And I firmly hold that we should advertise DMS over the actual ARC. I abstain from voting as I have a suggestion on the table. Pat • 2:29 PM Ok Pat thats fine just trying to get a tally Justin Edwards 2:30 PM Doug Emes Doug • 2:30 PM Jay Cox Ah, ok. Jay • 2:30 PM Pat Hykkonen Not a vote. But I will admit that I like Doug's version. Again, not a vote as I am abstaining. Pat • 2:30 PM Ok you can also vote for Dougs version being the 4th. So If I can get everyones vote Justin Edwards 2:31 PM Doug Emes i am ok with voting for myself, for the latest one as I can vector it (already have) - and since i like the morse one bvut havent delivered it i remove it from consideration, leaving just the latest one listed I kg5bzy vote for 4th version (DMS logo + 14led font styel) Doug • 59 mins Jay Cox I would vote Michael's but it doesn't have the callsign. Can we have Michael's design but with Doug's contribution of the callsign? Sorry, I guess that's not really a vote. Jay • 58 mins William Petefish I do like the LED font of Doug's. BUT combine that with Michael's design. William • 58 mins Neil Smith Of those presented, i vote michael's. If his were modfied with the call, i would be good with that too. Neil • 57 mins Doug Emes im mocking up the combo of michaels with the 14 lef font gimme 30 more seconds ignore the dashed line of course Doug • 55 mins Todd Caldwell If we're talking mods, I think putting the callsign on the mic in a regular font would work. Todd • 54 mins William Petefish That looks good. William • 54 mins Jay Cox Ok, I vote Doug's latest. Jay • 54 mins Ok folks I am going to do this one more time so we dont drag on all day so before I do any other mods before I do? Ok so below please post only your vote as follows, Pats Design with Dougs lettering, Michaels Design, Michaels Design with Dougs Lettering, Pats original design. Justin Edwards 51 mins Doug Emes Michaels Design with Dougs Lettering\ Doug • 51 mins William Petefish Michaels Design with Dougs Lettering William • 51 mins Neil Smith Michael with dougs lettering. Neil • 50 mins Todd Caldwell Micheal's Design. Todd • 50 mins Jay you still here and want to vote? Ok well go with Michaels design with Dougs Lettering for our club logo. We will dos ome proofing and size adjustment and post a final copy on the wiki when done. Justin Edwards 48 mins Jay Cox Sound's good Jay • 47 mins Ok so the next old business item. Any future events we want to do that fall within the next 30 days for now so we can not drag the meeting out to long today Justin Edwards 46 mins Doug Emes HAMcon next weekend and the flag pole hill event at the end of the month Doug • 46 mins Field day will be covered as the last old business item but yes hamcom anything else? Justin Edwards 43 mins Ok so Hamcom, who all is going? I plan to go with William on Saturday Justin Edwards 43 mins Doug Emes I will be on Saturday with my son and we will be in Scout uniform. As a reminder all scouters can attend hamcon at no charge (still have to pay for parking) Doug • 42 mins Neil Smith I will be there both days. Neil • 42 mins Todd Caldwell I hope to make it Friday afternoon. Other plans Saturday I'm afraid. Todd • 42 mins Jay Cox I can only go Friday Jay • 42 mins Neil and Doug, we should all catch up Saturday Todd and Jay you guys should chat Friday so we can help push DMS Justin Edwards 40 mins Doug Emes i plan on trying to make a stamp for our logo to go on the back of our existing cards Doug • 39 mins That would be great let me know if you get it done so I can stamp a bunch of cards for William and I and so I can carry some. Justin Edwards 39 mins Neil Smith Did we consider the idea of a table? Neil • 39 mins Pat Hykkonen May be there a bit on Friday and will be there for several hours on Saturday. Pat • 39 mins Not this year wont have enough manpower in time to man it. Maybe next year. and Sweet Pat we all need to meet up. Ok so any other events besides Hamcom Justin Edwards 38 mins ok next item is the weather station for DMS but I am going to table it till next meeting since it is not a priority. Justin Edwards 36 mins William Petefish Besides, I am working on a nice design... Probably going to do a class on making one. William • 36 mins Ok so Field Day 2015, we have plans in place but I need people. So far I have not seen anyone add their name to the wiki page or respond to my talk post. Who all is going? here are our plans Justin Edwards 34 mins also found via the link on our updated committee page Justin Edwards 34 mins Doug Emes im waiting to find out my shift before i commit, hoping to know by then end iof this week. Doug • 34 mins Thats fine Doug I knew you were working on it. Justin Edwards 34 mins chirp chirp anyone else, Pat I know youll be primarily helping DARC and React I will be there the full 24 hrs+ Justin Edwards 32 mins Todd Caldwell Question: Why are we setting up in the same place as DARC ? Sounds like a recipe for QRM to me. Todd • 32 mins Neil Smith I will not be making it to flagpole hill. I will either be working with a group from fate, or from my qth. Neil • 31 mins Doug Emes club interaction Doug • 31 mins We already dedicated to them for this year and not really with how its setup. DARC, REACT and UTD will be there along with us and we will get to share their facilities and food. Its a good partnership. Justin Edwards 30 mins Doug Emes and, we get quality face to face time with them, and their decades of experience Doug • 30 mins So anyone else planning to attend with us? Justin Edwards 29 mins Todd Caldwell brb gotta move myself uber has the classroom I am in. Justin Edwards 28 mins Jay Cox I'd love to go, but I got voted in as Vice President at Parker County ARC so I gotta help out there. Jay • 28 mins Doug Emes congrazt jay Doug • 28 mins Congrats Jay and ok I am back Justin Edwards 26 mins Pat Hykkonen Yes, we will be in the pavilion with DARC and UTD. DCR will be close as well, in the parking lot. Yes, there will be QRM, but that's part of the exercise! And part of the fun! 😀 Pat • 25 mins So That about sums up field day but I ask that any of you planning to attend or think you might attend go to the talk thread here and signup so I can see if it just going to be me. Justin Edwards 23 mins Any help to setup or operate will be appreciated I plan to have my family there operating with me. Justin Edwards 23 mins Doug Emes Justin I have 2 pop ups if you need one Doug • 23 mins so that closes out old business. New business only has one item so far and that is Nametags and yeah possibly Doug I will get with you on it later this week. Justin Edwards 22 mins I am going to start designing new nametags for DMSARC so that by Hamcom we have a prototype and by Field day we have our own name tags. I am going to be working with Wiliam on this and will post up on the Talk about them. I am looking at acrylic laser cut and engraved with an LED illumination to be seen better at night and just for the cool factor. Justin Edwards 20 mins Looking at both options of magnetic backed and safety pin backed Justin Edwards 20 mins Anything you would all like to see on them? I am looking at name call sign and DMSARC logo. Justin Edwards 18 mins Doug Emes i like magnetic Doug • 18 mins William Petefish I gotta run, but I might be able to help some during field day... setting up and perhaps some with evening/night ops. William • 18 mins Doug Emes do we need sleeping tents? Doug • 17 mins K William I will catch you later Justin Edwards 17 mins Possibly Doug I will go over that in a minute with you. Justin Edwards 17 mins Pat have you been able to grab our new Antenna yet and if not do you think you will have time or should I try and get it done? Justin Edwards 16 mins Doug Emes also for new business, a group excursion to the ham radio outlet some time, so we can tour in force and offer up some flyers etc to post there Doug • 15 mins That sounds good doug Justin Edwards 15 mins Pat Hykkonen I have not. If you get it before I do, then do so. Life has been exceedingly busy. Pat • 15 mins No problem Pat I will get it done You said Buckmaster OCF Dipole Correct? Justin Edwards 14 mins Pat Hykkonen Specifically ... Pat • 13 mins Thank you that works perfect Justin Edwards 12 mins Ok I will get on the antenna purchase and probably have it this week. So any other new business not already mentioned? Justin Edwards 11 mins Doug Emes wall paint posters Doug • 10 mins Neil Smith Ok Yes I forgot, we have some posters printed out thanks to Doug. We are going to have to back them to hang them as sticky putty has not worked. We will get this done by the end of this month, painting I would have to get approved by the board what color would we want? Justin Edwards 7 mins And no check for DARC yet I will get with Ben again he has been busy and likely forgot. Justin Edwards 7 mins Jay Cox So we get to decide the color that's the inside of the little radio room? I really have no preference. Jay • 5 mins Pat Hykkonen No worries. Even if I get that on FD weekend I can get it to DARC just as easily. Pat • 4 mins Pat Hykkonen Color for room, something very neutral. No bright yellow or purple or anything along those lines. Pat • 4 mins Possibly I will have to check it out with Brian of Milling but for now what color might we want. Pat I can get it and use a procurement officer to ease the strain. By the way I messaged you on talk but I need a copy of the power point for class on Monday. Justin Edwards 3 mins For now I am going to adjourn the meeting and we can discuss the other items on talk still I mean on hangouts Justin Edwards 3 mins Jay Cox I second adjourning Jay • 2 mins Jay Cox Pat Hykkonen Aye. Pat • 2 mins Pat Hykkonen Doug Emes in favor Doug • 2 mins William Petefish Thank you all adjourned and we can keep chatting so something neutral