How to Create an iTop (helpdesk) Ticket - To Report Issues with Equipment and to Request Supplies

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This system is no longer used. Check the Talk "Issues and Requests" section (Requires Member "Green Dot" access, which can be requested in the "Member Green Dot" category) for most Issues and/or Requests.

See Screenshots below for a preview of the steps you will take to create a ticket in our new iTop (helpdesk) Ticket System.

  1. This is the initial screen when you log into the Dallas Makerspace Helpdesk Ticket system.

  2. After you click "Create a new request", this screen will appear. The available services to select may change as needs may change. Please select the most appropriate option for the issue or request you are making.

  3. After you select the primary service, you will be redirected to a screen like this one - where you will select a sub-category for the affected service to help narrow down the issue/request.

  4. Finally, you will be prompted to enter a "Title" and "Description" of the issue / request you are opening the ticket for; as well as select options which will help the ticket be prioritized appropriately. The RED EXCLAMATION MARKS are the Required Fields. Please try to keep the "Title" brief but informative; and, please try to provide as much detail as needed to ensure the issue/request is clear in the "Description" field. Please select the most appropriate options for "Impact" and "Urgency" so the ticket priority will reflect the true urgency of the issue/request. Thanks!