Infrastructure Committee Meeting 20180420

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Infrastructure Committee Meeting 20180420 , 19:00

Time, location

20180420 (19:00), Dallas Makerspace

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Dallas Makerspace Infrastructure Committee Meeting notes ; April 20, 2018

In attendance: (3 attendees)
Stan Simmons
Dwight Spencer
Robin Burger

Meeting started 19:10PM

Voting for Chair:
Nominations opened
Robin nominated Stan Simmons
Dwight 2nded
Nominations closed
Call for vote:
Unanimously condemned Stan Simmons to another 6 month term.

Discussion about planning for Ste 102 expansion.

Once we have more info on the new area we will need:
* Electronic locks for doors, front, rear and warehouse
* Electronics for RFID for doors, front, rear and warehouse
* Wiegand wiring and lock wiring for doors, front, rear and warehouse
* Door control system for 102
* Fiber run from server closet in 104 to server closet in 102
* Cameras for various areas and associated Cat6 wiring.
* 6 Ubiquity WiFi AP's for 102
* Switches for 102 (possibly negotiate with Tempest to leave their switches)

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:05PM