2011 Leland Flynn Statement of Intent

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Statement of Intent

Leland Flynn

This is to serve as a formal acceptance of my nomination.

If elected I intend to use my position to seek funding for group projects. I would like to propose a budget specifically meant for drawing new members through advertising and 'free to the public' classes. I feel that making our space as widely known as possible is integral to our survival and intellectual growth. I would also seek the purchase of video and audio equipment with the intent of producing an audio podcast to represent and promote the Dallas MakerSpace, as well as short documentaries on our projects and tutorial videos for our blog. I also intend to seek autonomy for the space and support all comers with large scale, relevant, and structured project proposals. I will do my best to be as fair and unbiased as possible in all of my decisions and uphold the bylaws and standing rules of the DMS as agreed upon by the membership.