2012 Robert Davidson Statement of Intent

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This is to serve as formal notification that I, Robert davidson, am officially submitting my name to run for election to the Board of Directors for the Dallas Makerspace for the year 2012. As part of this Statement of Intent, I also agree to the duties and functions expected of me in this position that include, but are not limited to:

Making every effort to attend the annual meeting(s) and regular meetings.

Perform the duties and responsibilities of Director as outlined in the Dallas Makerspace Bylaws as well as the Dallas Makerspace Rules and Policies.

Focus on the expansion of the Dallas Makerspace.

Promote an environment for learning and knowledge sharing.

Focus on Group Projects. Example TEDxSMU and Open House

If elected, I am fully aware and understand the importance of my full participation as a productive and effective leader during my tenure on the Dallas Makerspace Board of Directors, and I agree to the terms and conditions set forth above. Nominated by: Mark Havens
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