2014 Benjamin Groves Statement of Intent

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Statement of Intent

Hi, I'm Ben. I would like to run in the election of the Dallas MakerSpace Board of Directors for 2014.

I care about the Dallas MakerSpace and want to contribute to our group's success. My request to join the DMS board of directors is an effort to more directly participate. I aim to act in good faith of the membership and to do what is best for our community.

As part of this Letter of Intent, I agree to the duties and functions expected of me in this position that include, but are not limited to:

  • Making every effort to attend the annual meeting(s) and regular meetings
  • Perform the duties and responsibilities of Director as outlined in the Dallas Makerspace Bylaws as well as the Dallas Makerspace Rules and Policies

If elected, I am fully aware and understand the importance of my full participation as a productive and effective leader during my tenure on the Dallas Makerspace Board of Directors, and I agree to the terms and conditions set forth above.

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2014 will prove to be a challenging year. We are growing rapidly and I see the dynamics and needs of the space shifting. We are planning to move our physical location this summer. I want to help us navigate through these changes while holding true to the core values that have got us this far.

I also want to focus on improving two areas:

  • I want to help streamline our rules and processes to best fit the space
  • I want to help improve our web interface (wiki), so members can more easily access the information they need

Nominated by: Kent Bowling, Paul Brown, John A. Gorman