2018 Statement of Intent Luke Strickland

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This serves as formal notification that I, Aaron Luke Strickland, am officially submitting my name to run for election to the Board of Directors for Dallas Makerspace for the 2018-2019 term. In addition to running for the Board of Directors, I am also interested in being the Secretary.

I’m a relatively new member, but in the last year I’ve taken on the role of Logistics Chairperson. During my time I’ve worked to improve our facility, some examples include:

  • Replacing all broken workshop lights with new 10-year LED bulbs
  • Initiated contracts to get regular, dependable air filter replacements done
  • Increased storage capacity while also increasing worktable capacity

My 2018 Goals for the Dallas Makerspace:

  • Transparency: Continue to increase transparency of the organization's goals, books and records
  • Maintenance: Helping Committees create plans for maintaining their tools, and helping them carry out those plans
  • Training: Empower new and existing committees & committee chairs to understand their finances and operation, through training and reporting
  • Expansion: Helping our expansion team organize, plan and build out any potential new space or opportunities

As part of this Letter of Intent, I also agree to diligently execute the duties and functions as a member of the Board of Directors. Those duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Making every effort to attend the annual meeting(s) and regular meetings.
  • Perform the duties and responsibilities of Director as outlined in the Dallas Makerspace Bylaws as well as the Dallas Makerspace Rules and Policies.

If elected, I am fully aware and understand the importance of my full participation as a productive and effective leader during my tenure on the Dallas Makerspace Board of Directors, and I agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Bylaws, Rules and Policies, and applicable government laws and regulations.

/s/ Aaron Luke Strickland 3-24-2018

Nominated by: John Gorman, Robert Davidson, Stan Simmons, Stephenie Webb