2019 Statement of Intent Troy Barrios

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Troy Barrios

This serves as formal notice as required by ยง4.6.1(5) of the Dallas Makerspace bylaws of my willingness to serve on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Makerspace for the 2019 term.

My name is Troy Barrios and as a Marine I was deployed three times with the 3rd Marine Air Wing as an F-18 airframes technician on various Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the core values of the Marine Corps and values I live by daily.

Like so many of our members, discovering the Dallas Makerspace has been a life changing experience of enablement, learning, and camaraderie. The Dallas Makerspace has allowed me to work towards creating the me that I want to be. I want our Space to continue to be functional and prosperous because like so many of you, I need the Space for my own personal sanity.

I will fight to keep the Dallas Makerspace's finances open and transparent for the obvious reason that doing so keeps everything above board. Open and transparent governance are fundamental American principles that I have always fought for and will continue to fight for.

The Dallas Makerspace is run by its members for its members. All committees need to be open to all members who wish to join. No more closed and secret committees.

Let us return the Space to a sense of normalcy by finishing the expansion so we can once again be a functioning and prosperous Space.

/s/ Troy Barrios


Nominated by:

Jimmy Arledge

Daniel Osborne

Chris Williams

Ryan McCutcheon

Kane McDaniel