2020 - Statement of Intent - Jim Hartnett

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I, Jim Hartnett, am announcing my intent to run for the 2020-2021 board of the Dallas Makerspace.

Photo of Jim Hartnett.
Hair has grown out a bit, and depending on the month I'll shave. With COVID not around anyone for a good photo anyway. When I'm not running machinery I can also usually be identified by an alleged purple wolf tail, and will come when howled at.

I have been a member of Dallas Makerspace since 2018. Professionally, I am a security consultant for large enterprises. Volunteering, I've been chair of Metal Shop, Automotive, and the Infrastructure Officer for DMS and put in countless hours for other organizations.

Accomplishments include:

  • organizing large number of volunteers for metal shop cleanup days
  • teaching across 4 committees
  • managing projects such as the metal shop gas system
  • writing documentation videos for various network services
  • regularly install and repair critical infrastructure such as workshop doors, ramp overhead doors, cameras, air hose drops, electrical for metal shop
  • Deployment of new computer lab in the Pillar of Solitude

Goals for Board:

  • Finish expansion
  • Push the development of better documentation within committees and the organization as a whole
  • Foster the development of more online and self-study classes

Contact Information:

  • I can be found readily available on the following platforms:
  • Talk: hon1nbo
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Discord: hon1nbo#5879
  • Twitter: @hon1nbo
  • Telegram: @hon1nbo
  • Facebook Messenger: @hon1nbo
  • Wire e2e messenger: @hon1nbo

(I think you get the drift.)

Endorsements: James Henningson, Andrew LeCody, Julie Harris, Justin Wagner, Robert Davidson, Malcolm Galland, Ken Purcell, Freddy Calvert, Jayson Woods, Erik Smith, Patrick Thompson, Michael Bayern, M. Blatz, Jeff Ray, Kevin Thompson