2020 Statement of Intent - James Henningson

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2020 Statement of Intent James Henningson

Hello, my name is James Henningson, MrJimmy on talk, and I am running for reelection to the board of directors. Over the past term it has been my pleasure to serve the membership and guide the space through some very difficult spots. I believe the board I served on did great service to the Makerspace and set us up for long term success. Our list of accomplishments is long.

  • Established sound financial practices that put the Makerspace on a solid footing to survive the current financial landscape.
  • Decreased needless expenditures
  • Controlled the expansion budget
  • Conducted an audit to identify and correct misuse of funds
  • Stabilized cash flow to allow us to build more cash reserves
  • Established a members services group to manage tours and new member retention
  • Oversaw the enforcement of our existing storage rules to better serve all members
  • Completed the second and third phases of expansion. (Flex area and north warehouse electrical)
  • Built out a computer lab in the pillar classroom (it will open right after the quarantine ends.)
  • Implemented the Office Hours meeting for the board to allow open dialog with the entire membership

I would be honored to be able to continue my service to the Dallas Makerspace. We are on the brink of uncertain times with the economy and Covid-19. I believe continuity of leadership will be a benefit to the organization. If I am reelected to the board of directors I will continue to be an advocate for the entire membership. My goals for DMS in 2020 are: Complete the final phases of expansion Continue to increase Dallas Makerspaces position in the community through improved outreach Continue to improve our business operations to allow us to survive the current economic climate. Thanks, James Henningson

Endorsements: Julie Harris, Curtis Baker, Ken Purcell, Erik Smith, Patrick Thompson, M. Blatz, Freddy Calvert, Justin Walker, Jeff Ray, Jim Hartnett, Kevin Thompson