2020 Statement of Intent - Max Kirkland

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Max Kirkland

Hello fellow makers, my name is Max Kirkland. Most of you have seen me in 3D Fab, where I have been chair for the last year. I grew up here in Texas. Colleyville to be exact, where I worked on the family farm on weekends. I am no stranger to farm or machine work, I am adept in 3d modelling & printing, and masterful at silicon mold making and casting. I have been called Master in both cosplay and prop making by my peers. I attend most Dallas sci-fi and fantasy conventions, as well as Dragon Con each year. I would now like to use all of my skills and abilities to help make Dallas Makerspace the best it can be.

For the last year I have been working on getting 3D Fab up and running, and accessible to everyone. We have new resin printers coming in. The 3D fab committee has agreed to purchase a new 3D scanner. None of this could be done without the members who come to the 3D Fab committee meetings. So, I am well aware that in order to move forward, the new board will need to have great communication with the committees. Board members should pop in to one every now and then. I feel being there for the members is also important, and would have no problem with Board member office hours which I feel we need more of. I also feel there must be some way of voicing an opinion to a board member or officer that does not frighten or scare the average member.

Let's be honest. How many issues have you wished you had brought up to the board but were afraid to mention? This should not be the case. As a Board member, I look forward to working with you, the members, to come up with solutions.

Working together, we could do so much more to showcase DMS. For example, I would like to collaborate on projects like the "Odin Makes” videos, bringing in other makers and YouTube vloggers to showcase our space, vlog from one of our committees, do a group build, and be more active on YouTube and the internet.

I also would like to find a way to recognize the volunteers and teachers here at Makerspace. I volunteer almost 20 hours a week through teaching, 3dFab office hours, and generally hanging out and helping folks. I believe the teachers and volunteers are what makes makerspace great, and will allow us to grow in the future.

In closing, I know many of you have come to me for help in the past for 3D related slicing, modeling or general help with projects, Now I am coming to you and asking for your vote. I plan on showing the same devotion to my duties in 3D Fab on a larger scale as one of your new Board Members.

Nominated by: john a. Gorman, Stacy Tyler Mark Havens