2020 Statement of Intent Justin Walker

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This is to serve as formal notice of my intent to run for the board of directors of Dallas Makerspace. I am Skyspook on Talk and across all DMS platforms

I have been a member of Dallas Makerspace for only a few months, since Dec 2019. Currently, I am employed in IT Management, working as a technical leader for a top 10 life insurance company. I have 20 years’ experience in software development, and 10 years managing teams and projects of various sizes up through the executive level. You may have seen me the last couple of months giving tours on Saturday morning. I consider myself an unabashed generalist, meaning my life and projects cross many disciplines.

I have been involved in Makerspaces for a decade, having founded The Makers' Alliance in Cleveland, OH. While I left that organization due to differences in vision, I hope it shows that I not only have a passion for what DMS stands for, but also how to manage membership organizations and when to even step aside when necessary.

I am a heavy believer in servant leadership -- that is, I only do this to help if it is accepted. I see DMS as having both the unique challenges of a non-profit business and a social group. It needs people to guide it who understand both, and are willing to make them both a priority and to know when each side takes a priority. I have attempted to jump in after joining, and have been volunteering with most committees in ways that I could find.

My priorities would be

  • Continuance of using fact-based decision making in monetary matters, including continuous improvement of the honorarium and class payment systems.
  • Improved communication on all fronts
  • Exploration of increased PR and various funding efforts
  • Response and recovery from current COVID-19 crisis - including immediate recruitment efforts after reopening
  • Encourage community building efforts and multi-disciplinary efforts

Endorsements: James Henningson, Michael Bayern, Tim Bene, Jim Hartnett, Patrick Thompson Your-Name-Here, Julie Harris

External Information

The Makers' Alliance - Cleveland OH - EIN 27-1288107

Ohio Filing -- IRS Filings