2021 - Statement of Intent - Tails Hartnett

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I, Tails Hartnett, am announcing my intent to run for the 2021-2022 board of the Dallas Makerspace.

Photo of Tails Hartnett.
Hair has grown out a bit, and depending on the month I'll shave. With COVID not around anyone for a good photo anyway. When I'm not running machinery I can also usually be identified by an alleged purple wolf tail, and will come when howled at.

I have been a member of Dallas Makerspace since 2018. Professionally, I am a security consultant for large enterprises. Volunteering, I've acted as the chair of Metal Shop, Automotive, and the Infrastructure Officer for DMS and put in countless hours for other organisations.

Accomplishments include:

  • organising large number of volunteers for metal shop cleanup days
  • teaching across 4 committees
  • the metal shop gas system
  • writing documentation videos for various network services
  • installed and repaired critical infrastructure such as workshop doors, ramp overhead doors, cameras, air hose drops, electrical for metal shop
  • Deployment of the computer lab in the Pillar of Solitude
  • Deployment of a new, in-house RFID system for tool operation within Machine Shop and Automotive

Goals for Board:

  • Continue expansion
  • Push the development of better documentation within committees and the organisation as a whole
  • Foster the development of more online and self-study classes

Contact Information:

  • I can be found readily available on the following platforms:
  • Talk: hon1nbo
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Discord: hon1nbo#5879 and hon1nbo.dmz#6523
  • Twitter: @hon1nbo
  • Telegram: @hon1nbo
  • Facebook Messenger: @hon1nbo
  • Wire e2e messenger: @hon1nbo

(I think you get the drift.)

Endorsements: Julie Harris, Malcolm Galland, Andrew LeCody, Ken Purcell, Pearce Dunlap, James Henningson, Luke Olson