2022 Statement of Intent - John Galik

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2022 Statement of Intent - John Galik

I write this letter of intent to notify that I, John Galik, will be running for the board of the Dallas Makerspace in our 2022 elections.

If elected I swear to obey the goals, rules and expectations of our membership with clear and live communication driving the use of rules and bylaws equally and with member impact in mind. I will serve as director with strict accordance with the Dallas Makerspace bylaws and rules noting there relevance and voting in accordance to change them as the membership makes their voices known. I will drive the makerspace in a way that opens accessibility and drives both new and existing members to spend more time making.

Having served as a few chairs before stepping down recently:

Reviving and rebuilding digital media recently spending 4 weeks rebuilding, painting, and sanding: (floors, walls, ceilings, all computers, shelving, greenscreen and photography, and fixing large format printers)

As chair of PR representing and organizing outreach with museum's and local library's through multiple tables and shows to drive membership. but more importantly to me expanding the maker movement as a whole through Dallas Makerspaces mission.

I stand with a record of starting and finishing renovations to the space and hope to move forward clearly communicating problems to the membership as we expand. I hope to reach out and hear from everyone as we move on you can find me at jcgalik on talk!

Endorsements: Andrew LeCody, Kurt Rosengrant, Ethan Western, Pearce Dunlap, Scott Blevins