3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 20200711

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3D fab meeting 7/11/20 6:05pm

Online Google Meet recorded meeting

Creaform Acedemia 50 scanner

JJ's notes: Rep came in for a demo 15 seconds it made cloudpoint model Jewelry automotive work. Customer care 1 yar warranty 4 year, 50 seat license. $31,000 discounted everything but scanner and shipping $10,000 University level lessons Covers hardware and software updates, exchange model for upgrades. Will there be storage and RFID lock? Max: non right now, Jim can set one up. Committee budget, contacted Brad: Originally presented committee budget was $13-14k, purchase or present to board for split because the rest of the committees to use it. Approach automotive for purchase? Jim: Not approached, not sure how useful it is for automotive. Invoice for 30 days. Sell on ebay for best price on the NextEngine. Who will handle it. Computer requirements? $1200-1500 for a laptop.

Purchase as 3D fab outright or present to board. Max Motions Jim Seconds:: Purchase it contingent on percentage of approved at 50/50 by the Board. Otherwise go back for another vote. Include cost of laptop or workstation on cart. 7 in person, 2 abstain, Online count.

Februrary: 2 formlabs printer, over $400 each to fix, get a discount print, formlabs haven’t gotten discount

Both prints have the same issue. Formlabs won’t send out part, look into discount but no response. Representative from formlabs, Danielle. Decided to get an Eleagoo Mars printer for $250. If they break get a new one.

Sell Formlabs printers As/Is along with NetEngine. Max Motion Jim Seconds: return both Form 2 printers to formlabs for repair and when they return sell them. Patrick Against, 3 abstain Motion Passes

Seconds Motion: Immediately buy one Elegoo Mars Pro, resin and supplies not to exceed $500. 2 abstain Motion Passes

Software: Octoprint. Pearce updated printer firmware. Permission to get software Simplify 3D, Cura, Netfabb, Fusion 360, Meshmixer Purchase 2 more Simplify3D $149 licenses for 4 computer use. Motion: Purchase 2 copies $300

Overnight print rule, Approval of proxy, to protect the printer, failed pause or cancel it.

Shared calendar approved 3 unattended printers.

Unattended prints: Motion: For duration of covid rules, an individual member, with committee approval, setup calendar, up to 3 prints in total unattended, .

Limit of unattended prints that can run per user.

Doug: Concern with difference between for resin and FDM.

Vote: Jonathan against as written. Motion Passes

New Business: Committee election and Vote

13 days and 12 hours notice for election. First Saturday in August 1st. John Gorman nomination, Mitch Cerroni nomination. as part of a regular meeting

Max giving Infrastructure NextEngine storage.

New Meeting:

Online class have to do a print in front of the instructor, anyone trained to sign off on their print.

Propose motion: amend online class, when you pass, you send a test print to take a picture to email to Patrick seconded:

Clarified motion: remove requirement for in person test for online classes. Second Max:

Motion Passed.