3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 20200801

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3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 8-1-20 6pm

[Recorded Google Meet Meeting Link](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X2vMm1PhOkrfXT1easHbQus1vJR2ElJa/view?ts=5f263fff)

(Max provided a 3D fab meeting agenda)

  • John withdrew from committee chair nomination. Mark, Jayson, Mitch, John present. Mitch unanimous voted as 3D fab chair nominee.
  • Elagoo Mars and accessories Amazon wishlist provided by John. Will send to procurement.
  • Both Form 2's: Try to sell as is, have Luke take apart and work on it, if ebay listing doesn't sell then send to Formlabs to refurb them. $1300 each to refurb with board approval.
  • New rule: No writing on the printers. Please use Sticky notes and pens. Will create flyer with basic rules near printers.
  • Assign Polyprinter 95 as a PLA printer. Isolate a printer for flexible. Add to moodle class.
  • Make resource page for Rostock Max V3. We will allow PETG to be printed on the Rostock Max V3.
  • New filament and USB cables arrived. 10 Kodak ABS spools. mini-B usb cables for Pi's
  • The new raspberry pi 3s installed and Octoprint updated. LDAP plugin is being worked on by Justin.

New item

  • Will work with Polyprinter to renew the on-site.
  • Motion: John. Mitch second. Allow people to print from their own computer on octoprint, providing username and password. Unanimus approval.