3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 20200926

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3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 9-26-20 6pm

[Recorded Google Meet Meeting Link]()

Propose: Committee approval for 1 year extended warranty for 7 polyprinters, out of committee funds for $2220.

Unanimous approval.

Proposal: Postpone purchase of Creaform scanner until goals are reached: Establish classes for honorarium, RFID lock cabinet, and selling the Form labs printers to provide a $3000 additional buffer in the committee funds. Continue communication with Creaform on pricing.

Unanimous approval

Evan Lott showed the RFID lock for one of the cabinets in 3D fab, still needs an override and different tag formatting.

Chris Marlow went over the Elagoo Mars training slideshow currently being worked on. Establish water washable as provided resin, fill Form Wash with water.

Establish Lego SIG, maybe get donations from Lego or personal donations. Dedicate a cabinet to Lego SIG.

Decided on PR resin printer use. Uniz Slash printer, was part of PR, need to find person in charge of it and decided it’s current use.

John Gorman is replacing Luke Andraski as vice-chair.