3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 20201107

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3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 11-7-20 6pm

3D fab election - 3 people Dougn and Evan, Mitch nominated Doug seconds Unanimous.

Evan taught a class, 3 people signed off. Class went well. https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/16096

Reporting for the polyprinters:

Teaching a basic maintenance class What polyprinter should handle and what maintenance should handle Retaping beds Changing nozzles/unclogging Z height adjustments Octoprint Status logging, print job and serial console. Members to report issues on talk or create a google form for date and times of outages. Have a way to mark printer as down, partially down, or ready. Error reporting kiosk with pi touch screen. Better error reporting or structure. Alerts for printer outages Train users for some basic troubleshooting like proper filament loading.

Selling the Form 2 printer - Luke tested the newest one is working, still need to test the other one. Confirm with finance how to sell on Ebay.

Trained Evan and Doug on basic printer maintenance.