3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 20210130

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3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 1-30-21 6pm

Evan Lott, Doug Emes, and Mitch Cerroni attending virtually

Mitch is stepping down from 3D fab chair. New 3D fab nominations. Evan Lott running. Mitch and second by Doug nominating Evan Lott.

Need ot get clarification on selling Form 2 printers on ebay, need to add board agenda item to approve sale over $1000.

Need to have a PM (periodic maintenance) on the Polyprinters, adding oil to the rails. We need to replace some of the linear bearings.

Two new Prusa mk3 donated to 3D fab, possible rules following the 3D printer basics training.

Better signage with resources and training links. Update assets on wiki.

Evan been coming up with a list of cheaper smaller 3D scanners as an alternative 3D scanner that’s more attainable. Doug: We need to come up with how the difference between 3D scanning technologies work to explore.Doug has access to ricoh theta v, matterport 2 pro, blk360 to take a look at.

Discussion of ideas of filament payment and RFID locking cabinets.