3D Fabrication Meeting 20190504

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Secretary's notes: This page was magicked into existence many months after the meeting occurred, thus does not meet the standard that Committee meeting minutes must be posted in a timely fashion (Rule 6), as such I as Secretary am invalidating these minutes. If the committee is inclined to revive any of these agenda items they should do so at a future meeting and ensure that minutes are posted promptly after its conclusion.



Second form labs printer has arrived and will be put into use and the previous on will be boxed for repair.


  • Musashi wants to build a robot for 3d fab demos and events using 3d fab filament. He is allowed to expense 3 rolls of filament for this project.
  • Max will get a report from the board on the finances of 3d fab.
  • Next meeting to be held on 6/15/19.


  • Max Kirkland, Chairperson
  • Ty Thompson, Vice Chairperson
  • Mushashi Sampson, Vice Chairperson
  • Josh M