3D Fabrication Meeting 20191102

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Secretary's notes: This page was magicked into existence approximately 7 months after the meeting occurred, thus does not meet the standard that Committee meeting minutes must be posted in a timely fashion (Rule 6), as such I as Secretary am invalidating these minutes. If the committee is inclined to revive any of these agenda items they should do so at a future meeting and ensure that minutes are posted promptly after its conclusion.



Kris Anderson Nominated Max Kirkland.
Seconded by Luke Andraski.
All in favor


3d Fab rules adjustments
1. We will now allow unattended prints for long prints as long as a proxy is involved or permission from the chair or the vice chair.
2. 10 am to 10 pm one printer per person.
3. No small prints on Bubba.
All in favor


1. John Crutti
2. Ty Thompson, Vice Chairperson
3. Patrick Thompson
4. Max Kirkland, Chairperson
5. Johnathan Smith
6. Kris Anderson
7. Luke Andraski, Vice Chairperson