3D Fabrication Meeting 20200104

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Secretary's notes: This page was magicked into existence many months after the meeting occurred, thus does not meet the standard that Committee meeting minutes must be posted in a timely fashion (Rule 6), as such I as Secretary am invalidating these minutes. If the committee is inclined to revive any of these agenda items they should do so at a future meeting and ensure that minutes are posted promptly after its conclusion.



  • What will we do with the old formlabs? We will put them up for sale in the future.
  • Stacy's Printer? After speaking with Stacy he will allow us to use his 18x18 printer for anyone who wants to used it as long as we keep it kept up.
  • More Cowbell?? Yes we need more cowbell unanimous!!!


  • Stacy has offered to make DMS a 24X24X24 printer for around $2000.00. We will get specifics from Stacy and a parts list to discuss.
  • New workstations equipment. At the next meeting we will offer ideas on what will be provided for members in the new computer tables.


1. Max Kirkland, Chairperson
2. Ty Thompson
3. Megan Lambert
4. Johnathan Smith
5. john a gorman, Vice chairperson
6. Patrick Thompson