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3D Fabrication Committee Meeting 3/2/2019

Time, Place

3/2/2019 18:00 Conference Room



Joshua W.

Max K

Ty T

Axel O

Musashi S

Josh W. Ran the meeting at the request of Jayson W

Call to order at 6:05

Josh gave an update on status of form printer that he received from Jayson W.

Max K asked about simplify 3-d and sd cards where as the committee already approved this purchase Max said he would Check with Stan and give an update at the next meeting.

Max requested for committee to purchase special PLA types Wood and Ceramic this was approved and Max is procuring theses with the thought of creating a class.

The location of the 3d scanner and its home was discussed the committee would like to re-home it to a more functional space so it can be better utilized by members we also want to make sure it is in working order and available for use.[approved]

Forms lab resin storage was discussed 1\4 metal sheet pans and a shelf similar to a letter mail box as seen tin the common room to prevent leaking in cabinet was suggested Musashi and Max have taken on this project and have been granted to use committee funds up to $200.

The committee passed a new 3d Fab rule

Proposed as written BY Josh W

All 3d Fab Machines needing shipped for repair (example forms lab ) will ship for repair from DMS or be taken by two members of 3d fab committee to a shipping space and weekly updates will be posted in 3d fab and on talk.

Seconded By Max K

Vote for all in Favor.

Next meeting is Saturday April 6th and will be potluck (please no seafood due to allergies)

Motion to adjourn all in favor