Amateur Radio SIG:BYOR Antennas 2016

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Planning meeting 2016-09-01

Two coax runs: UHF/VHF and HF

Ethernet run: weather station and other electronics -- needs to be outdoor rated cable

Low-voltage power run for auto-coupler

Antenna termination in E-lab proposed to be panel box with conduit from ceiling. One connector for each antenna (HF, UHF/VHF) w/ grounding switch.

Grounding will be to electrical box. Grounding bar connected to this at wall.

Power at the bench: Anderson Power Poles (2-3?), Cigarette-style outlet, and binding posts (for experiments) -- breakers sized appropriately

Power supplies: have one switching supply (13.8) and possible donation of linear regulator-style power supply

Next steps:

- Buy SG-239 and Polyphaser GDT (Art will purchase)

Antenna Tower

Current tower is 18' high, and has one extra 10' pole to extend total height to 28'


Antenna tower to directly above Electronics lab is 135'

Entry from penetration in Hatcher's will require an extra ~125' at a minimum, due to vertical runs and zig-zag through drop ceiling

Entry through existing A/C control penetrations would be easier/better. Would also be better for Science and their weather station.

LMR-400 (Texas Towers 300'@$0.89/ft = ~$325) would be run to minimize coax losses

HF Antenna

A donated multi-band dipole will be installed in place of the existing poorly functioning G5RV.

Existing ladder-line will be run down to new auto-coupler for best transmitter to antenna match.

Auto-coupler under consideration is SG-239 ($186, needs enclosure $76, 200W PEP or 80W continuous) or SG-237 ($320, may need enclosure, 100W PEP or 40W continuous)

VHF/UHF Antenna

Antenna will be relocated from top of tower to directly over Electronics lab to reduce coax loss

Lightning Protection

The coax should be protected from nearby strikes with a suitable lightning discharge protectors.

qty 2 ($150 total) of Polyphaser ISB-B50LU-C0 - HF & VHF/UHF

RF Connectors and wiring

A tentative budget of $100 is allocated for RF and power connectors

Cost Breakdown

Coax $325
Coupler $186
Enclosure $ 76
Polyphaser $150
Connectors $100

Total cost is ~$837