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Github Page

Project Details

  • A python project that announces events from Google Calendar over Dallas Makerspace's announcement system using Google's TTS webservice.
  • Currently installed on the windows server at DMS.

IRC Version (Failed)

Project Goal

  • Give the ability for people and programs to make announcements at DMS.

Project Details

  • I'm using this program:
  • Announce is a bot made by someone from another hackerspace called Pumping Station One for their Tardis replica.
  • It will do text to speech when it is sent a command over IRC, and it can play sounds when you refer to an MP3 already on the system.
  • Announce is installed on a Raspberry Pi sitting on top of the Will Call Machine, and it is attached to some speakers.
  • It's using a wifi module to connect to the internet, this may be contributing to the instability.
  • It uses linux's festival to do Text-To-Speech.
  • Ask Paul Brown for the password to the raspberry pi if you want to mess with it.

Instructions for Installing Announce


It will work, but it's not stable for more than about a day.


  • The IRC bot disconnects sometimes and we need to add the ability to reconnect.
  • The voices could use some improvement.

Improvement Ideas

  • Allow it to play music by giving it a link to a grooveshark playlist.