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Video DirectX 9 and Shader model 2.0 Supported card list
Ram 2Gb+
HDD Space 200Mb at most
CPU Pentium 4 (2.0Ghz) or newer

Note: Yes, it has been tested many of the laptops in the common area will run this just fine.


Master Ingress, 2010/tcp
Clients Egress, 2010/tcp

Use port forwarding to allow access to the server through a firewall over the internet. Default ports can be changed in the server's artemis.ini:"networkPort" setting.

Linux and Mac via wine

Some users have reported success with Wine based solutions.

Linux: Ubuntu 10.10 with Wine 1.3.34 (1.3.37 works too) runs Artemis 1.55 as a server, NOTE this requires a non-default apt repository, see for more information. Wine 1.2.2 does not work. References: )

Mac OSX can use Wineskin.

Mobile to Desktop Intraplay

Artemis 2.0 has been ported to iOS and Android and is available in the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. Beware that several copies on playstore may older builds. Besure to have the latest version of 2.0 to play.



If one is at the space then drag and drop a copy from M:\denzuko\Artemis to your desktop other wise be sure to run the installer from the developer's site before the event.