Automotive Committee Meeting 20200126

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Time, location

2020-01-26 15:00 Dallas Makerspace


  • Allen Wan
  • David Shannon
  • Justin Walker
  • Nate Roberts
  • James Braye


Meeting called to order at 3ish and adjourned about fifteen minutes later by unanimous consent.

James being a smart ass requested blue tape to be purchased so that he could put blue racing stripes on his bike and make it go faster. His request was universally viewed as a crass attempt at humor and was ignored.

Attendees were asked if there were any safety concerns or other notable events that occurred in otto during the last month. There were none that we were aware of. Everyone was then asked if there were any pressing issues that needed to be addressed. There was again none.

There was some discussion about gloves, and providing gloves. We provide the food service gloves for real messes. For form fitting nitrile gloves it was decided to bring your own as everyone has slightly different preferences.

Lift training: how do people who have been lift trained get added to AD? People want to know. Also who can train and how do those people add people they have trained to AD? [Jim, please insert answers to above questions here.]

CHAIR EDIT: Users who are trained in scheduled classes via the calendar are already added to AD assuming the instructor hits the checkbox. Ad-hoc training the instructor needs to add them to AD manually; if help is needed, the instructor can ask Infrastructure for assistance. There is an AD ground called "Automotive Lift Instructors" for those who are permitted to train users, and that group has edit rights on the "Automotive 102 (Lift Training)" AD group to add members.

Allen made an entirely self-serving request for clarification that the rules allow for him to work on other people’s cars. The rules as the committee currently understands them to be in otto restrict (1) lifting a car on The Lift to your own car, where “own car” is broadly defined. There is also a ban on (2) commercial work on other people’s car in otto. Notably rules (1) and (2) do not ban non-commercial work on other people’s cars nor does it ban commercial work on your own car.

It was also proposed that the committee ban anyone who attempts to enforce any board or finance rule. Although this motion was met with general approval, the same person who proposed the rule attempted to second the rule and thus the motion failed to carry.

Thanks to all of the person who fixed the seals in The Lift and then failed to show up at his own committee meeting and thus can’t stop me from making fun of him in the minutes. Be sure to thank him if you get a chance.

CHAIR EDIT: I figured it was fitting, being that I was the only one from the committee that showed up to that work day everyone else should be at the meeting I don't show up to.