Automotive Committee Meeting 20210425

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Time, location

2021-04-25 14:00; Automotive Bays & Google Meet


  • Tails Hartnett (chair)
  • Jacob Awkal
  • Freddy Calvert


  • Reduce the cost of lift training to $5 - PASSED Unanimous
  • Allocate up to $350 for air hose crimp kit, selection of ferrules/fittings, and bulk hose due to constant breaks and failures of compression hose repair kits - PASSED Unanimous
  • Remove Automotive 101 Class references from the Wiki and move to replace it with an introductory video of basic rules and "how we work."


  • Freddy to procure sheet of two layer engraving plastic to make signage - Cost under $100, approved by chair
  • Freddy to identify parts and then procure new window + gloves for parts washer - approved by chair
  • Freddy to procure Tekton socket wrench drivers - approved by chair. Note choice partly determined by longevity of prior drivers compared to current drivers, and Tekton repairability.