Bio Committee Meeting 2015-03-07

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Meeting was called to order with the following in attendance:

 Russell Lycan
 Daniel Twardowski
 David Jsckson
 Richard Alexander
 David Ratcliff

Meeting adjenda: Election of Bio Committee chair Candidates for chair: Richard Alexander, David Jackson, David Ratcliff David Jackson withdrew nomination. Candidates discussed adjenda.

 Richard Alexander stressed projects he wanted to see
     Topics discussed:  Community garden, hydro/aqua/aeroponic, classes on how to make ... prefer hands-on workshops, Rain harvesting systems, 
                        "Learn to live green in Plano", straw bale gardening, Apiary, Microscopic world presentation, Microphotography, 
                        Gene sequencing, Biological laser, 
                        Biomedical including: [EKG, EEG, Blood pressure, Biofeedback, imaging with IR & UV, Kirlian photography, healthfair],
                        Guest speakers:  Texas Parks and Wildlife, iNaturalist, Texas A&M
 David Ratcliff discussed operational problems in the past and the need to Clean up and Reorganize the Bio area, and for supporting infrastructure.

Committee vote and recommendation to board: David Ratcliff to be committee chair for two months, after which there will be another election. Meeting Adjourned