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The previous group established themselves during the launched the Makerspace Bio Program in our new lab at the Dallas Makerspace 2011 Open House.

Around mid 2012 the last bio committee disbanded and their equipment was divided up/sold. It was restarted in mid 2013 by Andrew Floyd with a new direction and lab area.

What's going on now?

  • The lab is up and running in the new Makerspace!
  • We are making a series of Bio lab instructional videos to explain how to use each piece of equipment
  • We are brewing beer, making mead, and experimenting with vegetable fermentation.
  • We are meeting weekly after the Thursday 7pm member's meeting (usually around 8:30pm)
  • We still need equipment, see this list of lab equipment (but it is out of date and changing)
  • List of people interested in bio projects that make up the Bio Projects Group

Also see the page of meeting notes for the bio projects group