Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 20180617

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Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 6/17/2018

Time, Place

6/17/2018 19:00 Conference Room


Called to order 19:05

Discussion Items: Discussed propane cage order progress, waiting for arrival at time of meeting

Discussed new forge purchase decided on NC Tool Knifemakers Forge 2. This forge has doors on both ends 4"x4.5" and is 13.5" long. Purpose will be used in open forge to suppliment current large forge and for single person forging once the Blacksmithing Committee has on site storge

-Vote on approval of NC Tool forge purchase for up to $700- Vote proposed and seconded. Unanimously approved purchase

Discussed disrepair of current forge, and decided to repair. A work day will be set once needed parts have been decided on and ordered.

Meeting Dismissed and Committee then did cleaning and maintenance of committee area.


  • Ethan Western - Chair
  • Brad Sims -Vice Chair
  • Matthew Hawes
  • Draco
  • John Kuhlenschmidt
  • Will Frary