Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 20190217

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Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 2/17/2019

Time, Place

2/17/2019 19:00 Conference Room


called to order 7:10

forge press Discussion

Coal iron works 16 ton $4,650 Uncle Al's $4,100

Vote Purchase Uncle Al's Forge Press For $4,100 Unanimous

KMG Lockout discussion

vote unanimous John will print box Ethan Purchase lock Troy B will get AD access and handle approve

Current business

charging $10 for open forge instead of asking donation went well at January open forge class

Next Open Forge 10th project some type of candle or incense holder

Adjourned 8:00


  • Ethan Western - Chair
  • Brad Aims - vice Chair
  • Danial
  • Troy Barrios
  • Matt Hames
  • John K
  • Mike R