Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 20190721

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Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 5/20/2019

Time, Place

7/21/2019 19:00 North Conference Room


Called to order 19:05


Induction Forge Classes have restarted and have occurred on Tuesday Nights on Tuesday evenings.
Committee Members are encouraged to put additional classes on schedule.
Forge Press classes should start this month. Train the trainers to happen immediately after this meeting closes
Next Open Forge:
August the 4th. Sims to put on Calendar. Project TBD.
General Discussion:
New honorarium rules communicated and discussed. General consensus is that this committee will continue to teach regardless of honorarium. General disapproval of committees teaching training required classes for private charges.
Discussion of member projects.
Discussion of expansion progress toward independent committee space.
Discussion of possible upgrades to committee space- Churchill suggests monitor for display of class materials.

20:15 meeting adjourned


Brad Sims *Chair
Joe Brown *Vice Chair
Michael Cramer
Tim Dugger
Mike Churchill
John K