Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 20191117

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Time, location

2019-11-17 19:00 DMS North Lobby Classroom


Minutes are a mandatory work product from the meeting and must only include the outcome of actionable agenda items. Adhering to the format below is strongly recommended.

2019-11-17 [Blacksmithing Committee] MEETING MINUTES
07:02pm Call to Order
- Mike C (Chair)
- John K
- Dave R
- Nathan ?? (new member)

Announced approval of wolf jaw tongs acquisition.

Discussed upcoming North Texas Blacksmith Meeting at DMS in December.

Discussed December training classes and projects to feature.

Discussed desire for more advanced training topics - no specific plans 

Hope to set up cannister damascus event for existing blacksmiths - not a class, but an opportunity for cannister damascus group build/make.

Squaring dies for press nearly complete: dies cut and cleaned up, but base needs cutting and welding done to complete.

Voted (unanimously) to change time of Blacksmith Committee monthly meeting from 7pm to 5pm.  Day to remain 3rd Sunday of the month.  Mike to request change on already-scheduled meeting notices on the Calendar.

Upcoming events:
Dec  7 - Induction forge and KMG grinder class
Dec 14 - North Texas Blacksmith Association meeting at DMS
Dec 15 - Intro to Blacksmithing and Open Forge
Dec 15 - Committee Meeting (at new 5pm time)


Action Items

Table for tracking actions from the Actionable or Discussion Agenda, to be maintained as actions are completed

Status Item Description Responsible Party
[Complete] Mike C to request change of meeting times on Calendar for existing Events on TALK Mike C