Blacksmithing Committee Meeting 20200217

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Time, location

2020-02-17 19:00 DMS North Lobby Classroom


Minutes are a mandatory work product from the meeting and must only include the outcome of actionable agenda items. Adhering to the format below is strongly recommended.

2020-02-17 [Blacksmithing Committee] MEETING MINUTES
07:05pm Call to Order
- Mike C (Chair)
- John K
- Joe B
- Brad S
- Matt 
- Jeremy

Plan to hold the Open Forge classes on the 2nd Sunday each month, barring scheduling conflicts.

Agreed to move Committee meeting to 2nd Sunday.

Steak Turner chosen as the project for March Intro class on 8 March.

Mike to buy 100 ft (5 sticks) of 3/8" square stock for classes.

Hammer Time event planned for March 28th.  
 - Mike to purchase 1.75" 1045 square stock for attendees
 - Not a class - for experienced smiths only
 - Will do prep on hammer blanks to make forging easier (cut to length, predrill punch pilot holes

Disposal discussions:

10x20 pavilion - transfer to Motorsports or sell on Craigslist.

Very large coal forge with chimney, firepot, and super-sucker - Sell on Craigslist.


Action Items

Table for tracking actions from the Actionable or Discussion Agenda, to be maintained as actions are completed

Status Item Description Responsible Party
[Complete ] Mike C to Purchase 3/8" square stock for classes Mike C [Pending ] Chuck Graf says Motorsports would like the pavilion Mike C