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About DMS' Blog

DallasMakerspace has a blog located at
It falls under the purview of the Public Relations Committee.

How to Submit an Article

  1. Log in here: using your LDAP account (see the New Member 411 for more information on this).
  2. Create content. It is WordPress for those familiar. For those not so familiar, using the provided simple editor interface you can add text, upload media content such as videos, photos, diagrams, etc. You can even save drafts, so you can work on a post over a period of time.
  3. Be sure to hit the "Submit for Review" button when you are ready to submit the post for publication.
  4. Submit a request on Talk Issues & Requests to request publication of the content.
  5. Sit back and bask in the glow.

What is Appropriate?

Anything Dallas MakerSpace related! Preferably things others would like to read about, including but not limited to:

  • Completed projects made using Dallas MakerSpace resources
  • Completed projects Dallas MakerSpace member(s) have made, even if Dallas MakerSpace resources "proper" were not used
  • Upcoming "Makerey" events, whether actually taking place at DMS or elsewhere (preferably because you are, or wish you were, making something for it)


Follow the guidance from the "New Member 411" concerning account issues.
Ask questions on Talk for ideas and style advice.