Board of Directors Meeting 20110421

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Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Previous minutes none

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chair


File form 1023

  • Problem: We need to file the 1023
    • Why: The Dallas Makerspace membership would like a non-profit organization to manage and oversee the assets and budget of the Makerspace.
    • Who: This will require the Board of Directors
      • Solution1: File the 1023. Time required: unknown

Create plan for moving

  • Problem: We must have a plan in place for moving.
    • Why: Our lease ends in August of this year with no option of renewal; The current space is too small.
    • Who: This will require the Board of Directors
      • Solution 1: Require all candidate locations be added to the New Space Search page by April 9th at 7pm, at which point a vote will be held using the Voting System to determine the top 3 candidate locations to pursue.

Work on accounts

  • Problem: We need to provide the DPRG Dallas Makerspace Steering Committee an amount that will be transferred to our account
    • Why: We have a seperate bank account for the organization, with its own Paypal income.
    • Who: Dallas Makerspace Treasurer

File amendment to TX Organization for current Board of Directors members

  • Problem: The Board of Directors has been set by the Dallas Makerspace membership.
    • Why: An amendment to the state document is required.
    • Who: This will require the Secretary.
      • Solution 1: Amend the document at the appropriate state office. Time required: one week

Yearly Membership Fees

  • Problem: We technically don't have a yearly or quarterly fee structure.
    • Why: Some people do not like PayPal or having to pay monthly.
    • Who: Dallas Makerspace Treasurer
      • Solution 1: Offer yearly membership at a 10% discount: $540 regular, $324 starving hacker
      • Solution 2: Offer yearly membership at a 15% discount: $510 regular, $306 starving hacker
      • Solution 3: Offer yearly membership at a 20% discount: $480 regular, $288 starving hacker

Old business

New business



Board Meeting held on April 21st 2011 at 7:59pm

Present: Glenn Pipe Peter Smith Leland Flynn Andrew LeCody Nicole Greeley

Called to Order by: Peter Smith

Vote to waive the notification for this meeting: Yay-5 Nay-0


  • Filing 1030 Form:
    • No objections to filing once Bylaws are ratified.
  • Moving:
    • For locations suggestions all entries must be submitted to New Space page by May 5th in order to be considered.
    • Need to email mailing list so that people know where to submit their suggestions.
    • Need to consider sending someone to check out suggested spaces.
    • Andrew suggested the formation of a committee for locating a new space.
    • Keep suggestion section open until a place is procured.
    • Andrew will send out email detailing information about submitting new location suggestions
    • Each member will take one of the locations to research more
      • Leland: Carrollton
      • Glenn: Garland
      • Andrew: Dallas
      • Peter: Irving (Edit--Actually Dallas--"Mockingbird/Irving Blvd" on the list)
      • Nicole: Find fifth potential location (within 1200 month)
  • Accounts:
    • Find a professional CPA to set the accounts straight to separate out the funding from DPRG
    • Need to have list of potential CPAs by next Thursday, 20110428
    • Put out call for Treasurer
    • Projected 50 bucks per hour/base 40-80 hours
    • Suggested: Check out Tax Codes are for keeping books

Nominee for Interim Treasurer: John Haskins Votes Yay: 5 Votes Nay: 0

    • Need to meet with Doug Emes (DPRG Treasure)
    • Suggested that all Board Members be put on the bank account
    • All purchases put to the Treasurer before approved
    • Monthly report of numbers for Members Meeting
    • If less than 200 dollars John will hire CPA, if more than 200 John will bring candidate before the board for approval

Vote to Approve Treasurer Spending 200 dollars on CPA: Votes Yay: 5 Votes Nay: 0

  • Filing Amendment to TX organization
    • Need to select a President and Secretary

Nominee for President: Andrew LeCody Seconded by Peter Smith Votes Yay: 5 Votes Nay: 0

Nominee for Secretary: Peter Smith Seconded by Nicole Greeley Votes Yay: 5 Votes Nay: 0

    • Peter will submit amendment to TX Organization
  • Membership Fees
    • Create option for a yearly membership with a 10%
    • Starving Artist is honored based-give what you can
    • Starving Artist pricing not eligible for Yearly Membership Fee
    • All memberships currently paying are grandfathered into current pricing
    • Suggested that 40 dollar option be taken out of options and to up the Starving Artist price to 35.
    • Fellowship Fund will remain active
      • A person can be considered for this by suggestion of a member and brought before BoD

Meeting Closed 21:01

Action Items:

  • Contact Building Lease Agent
    • to confirm date of lease termination.
    • See how open they are to breaking the lease early
  • Look into pricing for U-haul trucks
  • Find and hire CPA by next week (within $200)
  • Get John contact information for Doug Emes
  • Put Treasurer on Bank Account
  • Take Mark off Bank Account
  • Need to amend BoD with TX Organization
  • Add yearly membership option to PayPal (540/yr)
  • Put as Agenda Topic for next meeting: Supporting Members
  • Change PayPal pricing tonight (old members still grandfathered)
  • Make sure to add any new rules to Standing Rules