Board of Directors Meeting 20110428

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Time, location

This meeting has been postponed

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chair


File form 1023

  • Problem: We need to file the 1023
    • Why: The Dallas Makerspace membership would like a non-profit organization to manage and oversee the assets and budget of the Makerspace.
    • Who: This will require the Board of Directors
      • Solution1: File the 1023. Time required: unknown

Create plan for moving

  • Problem: We must have a plan in place for moving.
    • Why: Our lease ends in August of this year with no option of renewal; The current space is too small.
    • Who: This will require the Board of Directors
      • Solution 1: Require all candidate locations be added to the New Space Search page by April 9th at 7pm, at which point a vote will be held using the Voting System to determine the top 3 candidate locations to pursue.

Work on accounts

  • Problem: We need to provide the DPRG Dallas Makerspace Steering Committee an amount that will be transferred to our account
    • Why: We have a seperate bank account for the organization, with its own Paypal income.
    • Who: Dallas Makerspace Treasurer

File amendment to TX Organization for current Board of Directors members

  • Problem: The Board of Directors has been set by the Dallas Makerspace membership.
    • Why: An amendment to the state document is required.
    • Who: This will require the Secretary.
      • Solution 1: Amend the document at the appropriate state office. Time required: one week

Yearly Membership Fees

  • Problem: We technically don't have a yearly or quarterly fee structure.
    • Why: Some people do not like PayPal or having to pay monthly.
    • Who: Dallas Makerspace Treasurer
      • Solution 1: Offer yearly membership at a 10% discount: $540 regular, $324 starving hacker
      • Solution 2: Offer yearly membership at a 15% discount: $510 regular, $306 starving hacker
      • Solution 3: Offer yearly membership at a 20% discount: $480 regular, $288 starving hacker

Old business

New business



Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.