Board of Directors Meeting 20110608

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Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports

  • Treasurer - John Haskins will report on our finances.

Committee chair


Rules And Policies

  • Problem: We don't have an official Rules And Policies document.
  • Why: The space and organization needs a set of clearly defined rules, at least for the most important issues.
  • Solution 1: Approve the Rules and Policies page as of revision 3465.

Old business

New business



Dallas Makerspace Board Meeting June 8th, 2011

Board Members Present

  • Peter Smith
  • Alyssa Pipe
  • Andrew LeCody
  • Leland Flynn
  • Nicole Greeley

Brought to Order

Meeting brought to order at: 7:27 by: Andrew LeCody


  • Waiver of notice for meeting
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0


  • Approval of prior minutes
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay:0

Report from John Haskins, Treasurer

  • Still has not gotten reports from Doug Emes.
  • 3200 in the account as of right now.
  • Pulling in 2000 a month via membership fees

Action Item: Andrew will begin emailing those members who have not changed over to the new paypal.

Agenda Item 1-DPRG/DMS funds

  • Formal request has been issued via Peter Smith for 5,000 immediate transfer funds.
  • Peter to propose disbanding the DPRG Makerspace steering committee at the next held DPRG BoD meeting
  • Suggested we begin putting all our corresspondance via DPRG president and vice-president
  • Action Item: Andrew LeCody needs to disable members no longer in good standing.
  • Action Item: Andrew LeCody needs to get in contact with Brian Smith
  • Action Item: Put link to “Like Us” on blog or any other DMS site.
  • Action Item: put new debit card on payment
  • Action Item: sync up events and blog entries with meetup,com. Andrew will look into an rss feed to link our blog stuff with
  • Action Item: Nicole to catch up on blog posts. Leland will write blog on Ubuntu Arm.
  • Action Item: Leland to write up liability waiver for minors stating that they will abide by the Rules and policies.
  • Action Item: Operations and Facilities Committee to create a database of inventory.
  • Action Item: Andrew and Peter will finish application tonight and submit.


  • Andrew proposed we approve spending of $850 from DMS fund to pay for 501c3 application
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0

Agenda Item 2-Progress on New Space

  • Have not heard from the landlord
  • Action Item: Peter to contact Wylie brothers about status of application.
  • Need co-signer for loan application.
  • Proposed Lease Signing members proposed: Andrew LeCody, Peter Smith, Leland Flynn
  • Proposed ideas for security at the new space: camera system, lock system, badge system, upgrade security on the rollup door, set up system for the onsite motion detectors.
  • Action Item: Peter to come up with system for camera security system.
  • Action Item: Bring up the security issues at Next Thursday's meeting.


  • create the Security Committee who's purpose is to discuss and implement a plan of action concerning any and all security issues at the new space
    • Aye: 5
    • Nay: 0
  • Action Item: Detailing the three committees and their chairmen and the status of the space.

Agenda Item 3-Insurance on Current Space

  • Insurance is about to expire with current agency.
  • Need to see if there is a Board Insurance we can add to our insurance to protect BOD.
  • Action Item: Nicole to obtain quotes on other insurance companies by end of month.
    • Notes: mention non-profit, protection for BOD, general liability.

Meeting adjourned at 8:41 by Andrew LeCody

Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.