Board of Directors Meeting 20110623

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Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports

  • Treasurer - John Haskins will report on our finances.

Committee chair


Lease Agreement

  • Problem: Should we sign the lease agreement?
  • Why: We still need a new space.
    • Solution 1: Sign the lease!

Old business

New business



Board of Directors Meeting 6/23/2011 Andrew LeCody Leland Flynn Peter Smith Nicole Greeley Glenn Pipe John Haskins

Called to order at 8:58 by Andrew LeCody

Waive prior notice of meeting: Aye: 5 Nay: 0

Peter motioned to ratify the meeting minutes: Aye-5 Nay-0

Motion to ratify meeting minutes to state that Peter has called for a disband of steering committee from “Peter disbanded steering committee”. Aye: 5 Nay: 0

Agenda Item One: Lease Signing -Currently no escape clause within our lease -Per the lease Landlord will not handle any internal maintenance. -Something that prevents us from getting our CO they will be required to fix it -Got approval for changes to the exterior wall and roof but it must be done through their contractors -Cannot have a sign perpendicular to the building must be parrallel -Doug suggested to change the verbage for Space Usage to add wording such as but not limited to Seminars, Educational Outreach, ect.

Motion to change 3.1 wording to add “Community Educational Outreach” at the end of the useage Nicole Greeley: Aye-5 Nay-0

Motion to not change wording under 3.1 about Drug Usage/Illegal Content by Leland Flynn: Aye-5 Nay-0

Motion to add to 3.1 usage “Creative Endeavors” by Nicole Greeley Aye: 5 Nay: 0

  • Action Item: Nicole Greeley will procure the CO for new location.

Motion to authorize spending for CO (approx 280) Aye-5 Nay-0

  • Action Item: Need to get a new fire extinguishers per landlord (must be purchased within last 30 days and have receipt).

-Andrew proposed having 3 fire extinguishers

Motion to approve spending for brand new fire extinguisher by Andrew LeCody: Aye: 5 Nay: 0

15 minute recess at 10:08

Returned at 10:31 pm

Motion to sign the lease and to not submit the paper work until Monday. An email will be sent via the DMS mailing list and members will have until Sunday 11:59pm CDT to bring up any issues with the lease and submit them to the board for consideration. Vote also approves usage of funds (equal to 2200+any applicable taxes) to meet agreement of rental lease by Andrew LeCody Seconded by Peter Smith Aye: 5 Nay: 0

  • Action Item: Andrew will find out about who to contact for water and waste disposal from Landlord

Motion to approve up to 1000 dollars for setting up initial utilizes and services to be carried out by Shona Haskins by Andrew LeCody Seconds: Peter Smith Aye-5 Nay-0

  • Action Item: Add Shona to the DMSBiz mailing list
  • Action Item: Glenn will forward information about Green Mountain Electric account
  • Action Item: Andrew will call electrician out to get estimate for drops.
  • Action Item: Send out email about lease, travel out to new location on Thursday

Motion to adjourn meeting at by Andrew LeCody 10:58pm Seconded by Nicole Greeley Aye-5 Nay- 0

Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.