Board of Directors Meeting 20110903

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Time, location

17:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports


Old business

  • Status of 501(c)(3) filing, if there are any updates from the IRS

New business

  • Discuss DPRG relationship, proposed agreements between roboticists/DPRG & DMS that Paul has been working on with Andrew/Shona/John
  • Discuss placing a cap on board spending.


Board of Directors Meeting 9-3-2011 at 5:15 Andrew LeCody, Peter Smith, Glenn Pipe, Nicole Greeley

Other members present: John Haskins, Paul Bouchier, Doug Paradis

Andrew LeCody motions to approve prior minutes. Peter Smith seconded. Aye: 5 Nay: 0

  • Treasure Report: John Haskins
    • Currently we are sitting at just over 8,000
    • Snack fund is still in the positive
    • New Key FOBS have been order
    • New Member Count: 56
    • Approx Electric Bill: 415.77
    • Classes fund has been set up
    • 700 was transferred to the Floor Fund
    • 200 was transferred to the Electronics Fund
    • 250 was transferred t to AV room
    • 105 for power supply has been moved to the general fund.
    • Treasurer training: Steve Reeves and Chris Siefort have been looking into the books to help alleviate work load for John Haskins
  • Operations and Facilities Report: Nicole Greeley
    • Current Issue: Painting: Too many people are arguing against what color to paint the walls of the hallway.

Andrew motions to appoint himself to choose a color. Glenn seconds. Aye-3 (Andrew LeCody, Peter Smith, Glenn Pipe) Nay-1 (Nicole Greeley)

Andrew proposed that in future fund-raising ideas that affect a significant change in the space be put to a membership vote.

  • Public Relations Report: Nicole Greeley
    • Suggestions for Tanners Electronics Expo
      • Suggestion that we release balloons with LED lights with a note with our website and then have the kids releasae.
      • Price out banner for tables at event
      • Glenn will have R2 unit at event
      • Near Space Balloon
    • Start Wiki entry for 2011 Open House to start planning processes the event
    • Need to start designing event fliers for Open House
    • Still need to price out cost of business cards. Suggested that a general email be sent out to call for card designs and from that the best will be selected and can be available to the membership to print. Nicole Greeley will be donating the first 1000 cards to the space.
    • Send out email about starting a t-shirt design pool
  • Security Committee Report: Andrew LeCody
    • Design for the access control system has been fully designed.
    • Next step is to send the prototype board to Batch PCB to get the piece created.
    • Once created Andrew will leave the board up here to let people work on the software side of it.
    • Security Camera:
      • Peter will bring up capture card
      • Andrew will begin working on getting up four cameras for the interior
      • Proposed to use old server John to run the camera system
    • Andrew and John will pick out server cabinet.
    • Suggested that the space purchase the Netopia product in order to get full access to all static IPs.
  • Agenda Item One: Filing for 501c3
    • Received a letter stating that filing was received. Check was cashed.
  • Agenda Item Two: Discuss DRGP and DMS relationship
    • Paul proposed that we write up an agreement about the relationship for DMS and DPRG.

Recess At: 6:02 pm Meeting called back to order at 6:15

    • Proposed that DPRG be included in the blog posts on the DMS blogs. Much like the Spotlight Features on DMS Members we can include the DPRG.
    • Proposed that we extend the termination notice with the DPRG to 180 days to be shortened upon agreement on an as needed basis.
    • Proposed that we require a DMS member to be present on Saturdays when DPRG members are here in order to use the tools.
    • Suggested we write in a yearly reaffirmation/negotiation to revisit the agreement.
  • Agenda Item Two: Cap on Board Spending
    • Suggested that there be a cap put on what the board can be spent and anything over that should

put to the membership.

    • Issues raised about putting a cap on board spending: several of the bills that DMS pays are variable from month to month.
    • Suggested that instead of doing it at every Thursday meeting we have a structured monthly meeting where we give a structured and detailed review of the Treasury and board spending. This will help keep members aware of all spending so that they may raise concerns and make suggestions.

Andrew motions that we set the second Thursday of each month to be the official membership meeting for all business such as treasury and committee chairmen reports. This meeting will still be open to all members and guests and include a roll call. It will also require Meeting Minutes to be kept and posted to the wiki for members who can’t attend to read. Glenn seconds. Aye: 4 Nay: 0

  • Agenda Item Three: CNC Mill Repair
    • Doug Paradis proposed 200 starting capital to being repairs
    • Andrew suggested that 200 dollars be given to the CNC project and then a donation match for 400 dollars to pull in the remaining money.

Andrew motions that 250 dollars be allocated to the CNC project for repairs along with donation matching up to 400 dollars. Donation matching to not extend past two months upon which the project will be reviewed by the board to evaluate any further funds. Glenn seconds Aye: 4 Nay: 0

  • Agenda Item Four: Electrician Work
    • Proposed that we come up with a Statement of Work or at least need to solidify what we actually need done.
    • Proposed that we get drops for 208
    • Suggested two estimates: one for the bare minimum and then for what we want.

Action Item: Meeting to be held to determine what electric work will need to be done in the warehouse to headed up by Paul Wilson.

Action Item: Nicole to email Anwar for a copy of our insurance to give to Peter.

Meeting called to a close at 7:09 pm by Andrew LeCody.

Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.