Board of Directors Meeting 20111112

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Time, location

17:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports


  • Problem: A number of people have requested we create a "family plan" for membership.
  • Why: To allow families to have multiple RFID tags without requiring $50/mo for each person.
    • Solution 1: Offer "add-on" memberships for $10/mo (for members paying $50/mo), the "add-on" members are granted an RFID tag, website account and access to the mailing list. These would be limited to immediate family of the primary member (spouse, parents, siblings, and children). To limit voting rights to the primary member only, we will add the following wording to the standing rules:

3. Supporting members who are secondary or "add-on" members as part of a joint-membership are ineligible for Regular Membership.

Old business

New business


Meeting Minutes for 11/12/2011 Present: Andrew LeCody Nicole Greeley Glenn Pipe Peter Smith (call in to waiver notification) Leland Smith (call in to waiver notification)

Meeting called to order at 5:15 pm

Andrew LeCody motions to waive notification. Seconded by Glenn Pipe. Aye-5 Nay-0

PR Report: Nicole Greeley

  • Will be touching base with Art and Seek group about doing a piece on the Makerspace.
  • 150 business cards were donated.
  • Beginning research into silk screen printing shirts
  • Beginning compile of classes to be held at the space in coming months.

Security Report: Andrew LeCody

  • Action Item: Call AT&T to find out what is wrong with set up. (Andrew)
  • Action Item: Andrew to set up cameras and VPN to access all systems remotely.
  • Action Item: Install Ubuntu server to hook up cameras.
  • Plans to put LDAP on local sever.

Treasury Report: Nicole Greeley

  • Action Item: Get books from John.
  • Signed up 7 new members due to Open House bringing total to 63 members. Made 1400 dollars on the event.
  • Action Item: have concrete numbers of funds by next board meeting

Prior meeting minutes were reviewed.

Nicole motions to approve meeting minutes. Seconded by Andrew LeCody. Aye-3 Nay-0

Agenda Item 1: Family Plan

  • Problem: people want several key FOBs for their family but at a discounted rate.
  • Solution: $10 add on fee but only for members paying $50 and only for immediate family.

Andrew proposes we create a family member add on membership of $10 a month or $120 for the year for members paying the standard rate limited to immediate family of primary member {ie, spouse, parents, siblings, children} and amend standing rules as follows: Add to voting rights sections “Supporting members added via the Family rate will not be allowed voting rights.” Seconded by Nicole Greeley Aye-3 Nay-0 Agenda Item 2: Leaf Car Conversion

  • Action Item: Andrew will send out email with details of conversion to membership about allowing them to convert 1 car to see how the process works with our spacing.

Andrew proposes to present the car conversion project (as proposed by Bill Swanson from Leaf) to the membership and allow the project a four month window for completion to be approved barring any major objections from the membership. Seconded by Glenn Pipe. Aye-3 Nay-0

Agenda Item 3: DPRG/DMS Agreement

  • Action Item: Andrew to touch base with Paul Bouchier to get the document outlining relationship between DPRG and DMS signed.

Agenda Item 4: 500 Excess Budget for Projector

  • Problem: Budget of 500 dollars for projector was not needed.
  • Solution: Suggested it be reallocated to the purchase of a TV.

Suggested we send out email to get idea on what specifications people want for the TV.

Andrew proposes to move 400 from the project fund to the TV kickstarter fund and move last 100 back to the general fund. Seconded by Nicole Greeley Aye-3 Nay-0

Agenda Item 4: Cabinet Saw

  • Paul suggests we start a matching fund for a cabinet saw. His father is willing to donate towards the purchase of one. Matching fun would cover remaining costs.

Andrew proposes the space match donations upto 300$ towards a fund for a cabinet saw. Seconded by Nicole Greeley Seconded. Aye-3 Nay-0

Meeting ended at 6:18pm.

Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.