Board of Directors Meeting 20111218

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Time, location

14:00, Dallas Makerspace

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Previous minutes

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Board of Directors Meeting 12/18/2011

  • Andrew LeCody
  • Nicole Greeley
  • Glenn Pipe
  • Peter Smith
  • Leland Flynn
  • John Haskins-Treasure
  • Shona Haskins-Chairman of F&O
  • Paul Wilson-Chairman of Warehouse

Meeting Called to order at 2:22pm by Andrew LeCody

Treasure Report by John Haskins- *Treasurer is still catching up from vacation. *Membership is up to approx 76 *Several former members have returned to regular membership *Out of RFID Cards-John will be purchasing new ones.

Walked through Prior Meeting Action Items.

Peter Smith moves that we approve prior meeting minutes. Seconded by Nicole Greeley Aye-5 Nay-0

Security Committee Report by Andrew LeCody: *Camera system is still in the process of being put together. *We have the cameras needed to start the camera project. *We have a capture card and computers to run the set up. *We received a large donation of network equipment. (More for Cisco Learning) *RFID System: Pinout is out on the wiki

Operations and Facilities Report by Shona Haskins *Need approval to buy batteries *Suggested we include donations for batteries in the food fund.

Andrew proposes we spend 50 dollars to purchase batteries for the space. Seconded by Peter Smith Aye-5 Nay-0

*Currently we pay 60 dollars for the dumpster. *Suggested that we can get a smaller one if we find we do not fill it. *Current one is 60 cubic yard *2 Cubic yard is: $48 every week, $45 for every other week

  • Action Item: Call to have the dumpster moved.

Andrew proposes that we allocate $60.10 a month for dumpster. Seconded by Leland Flynn. Aye-5 Nay-0 *Suggested we get bar stools for the front bar.

Andrew proposes that we allocate $50 each for 3 stools. Seconded by Nicole Greeley. Aye-5 Nay-0

*TV Mount is needed for the TV in the Lounge.

Andrew proposes $75 dollars for the wall mount for the TV in the lounge. Seconded by Peter Smith. Aye-5 Nay-0

*We need bins for the garage.

Andrew proposes that we allocate $160 dollars for bins to be purchased up to the amount of 20 bins. Glenn seconded. Aye-5 Nay-0

  • Noted: 10 bins will be allocated exclusively to the Makerspace but not as a limit to the amount of bins used by the space. Suggested that excess bins be available for purchase by the membership.

Action Item: Suggested that we put forth a proposal to the membership about charging for the usage of the lockers. Suggested that the price for usage be 20/yr. (Dimensions 11x11x9)

*Suggested that we need a filing cabinet for the Treasury paperwork. *Suggested we put out to the mailing list to see if anyone has a filing cabinet.

Leland has a large filing cabinet he is will to denote to the space. Shona will double check with Phil about storing the cabinet in their room.

*Need to start pushing the clean up time before weekly meeting.

Action Item: Andrew to send out email to membership about cleaning up after themselves.

*DPRG: Shona requested that someone ask the DPRG to tidy up their boxes.

Action Item: Need to have the musical equipment removed because Steve Rainwater did not complete it by his deadline. Nicole to email him.

Action Item: Need to call the recycler to remove our excess electronics. Andrew will call recycler and put the number in the Admin wiki

Action Item: Need to give Doug a deadline for when to remove his TV and stand. Andrew will send out this email..

Action Item: Nicole will touch base with the AV committee for them to pick a chairman and create a wiki to become a recognized committee.

  • Suggested that we start voting for new Board of Directors start on March 12th (Monday) and end on March 16th (Friday) to allow a month switch over between Board of Directors.

Andrew proposes that all parties interested in running for the 2012-2013 Board of Directors has the month of February to write a Statement of Intent and post it to the wiki and report it to the Secretary to be put on the ballot. The election will take place at 7pm on Thursday March the 8th through 7pm Thursday March the 15th. Seconded by Leland Flynn Aye-5 Nay-0

Agenda Item One: Electric Car *Issue: Currently the guys running the electric car project is not fulfilling their part of the agreement. (IE sending out updates, using up more space)

Action Item: Need to email Bob about the car and touch base about the agreed upon requirements for usage of the space.

Agenda Item Two: Chemicals for the Darkroom *Nicole requested 100 dollars for the chemicals

Nicole proposes that 100 dollars be allocated to purchase color chemicals and anything excess will be returned to the general fund. Seconded by Glenn Pipe. Aye-5 Nay-0

Agenda Item Three: Front Door *Issue: The closer for the front door is not working properly. *Solution is that we purchase a new closer.

Andrew proposes to allocate 100 dollars for purchasing a door closer for the front door. Seconded by Leland Flynn. Aye-5 Nay-0

Action Item: Contact Home Depot on how we set up our tax free status with them.

Agenda Item Four: Classroom *Issue: need a more solid budget to bring the classroom up and running (IE the screen for the projector)

Andrew proposes we put 200 dollars towards the Classroom committee. Leland Flynn seconds. Aye-5 Nay-0

Agenda Item Five: CNC Mill completion *Ben requests that we allocate another 378.73

Andrew proposes that items will not be reimbursed after 90 days. Nicole seconds Aye-5 Nay-0

Andrew proposes that we allocate 200 dollars matching donations to complete the CNC Mill. Seconded by Glenn Pipe. Aye-5 Nay-0

Total Allocation for this meeting: $1020.10

Meeting called to close by Andrew LeCody at 4:30pm.

Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.