Board of Directors Meeting 20190311 Special Meeting

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20190311 Special Board Expansion Issues
Convened at 7:05 PM CST, Interactive Room
Attending: Kris, Anderson, Steve Blanchard, David Kessinger, Luke Strickland (telephonically). Absent
Chuck Barber. Quorum required is 3, 4 present, Quorum Met.
1. Notice of Violation from City of Carrollton sent to DMS dated 4-6-2019 giving 10 days notice from mailing
(4-6-19) to have all vehicles with people living residing in them to cease. Individuals have been notified.
Notice to DMS will be posted.
2. Status Report: Phase I Expansion Group Leader, James Henningson, gave a status report of tasks to be
completed. Ongoing status reports and tasks needed help on can be found on Trello Listing at
a. Because Phase I will not be removing any walls, as is shown in submitted plans until later Phases,
BoD will have to decide what rooms will be sued for. This will occur after next BoD is elected.
3. Status Report: Richard Meyers, Acting General Contractor for DMS.
a. Request for Copies of D&O Insurance policy. Required for City to approve him as our GC
b. Technical Books have arrived ($908 purchase, approved prior BoD meeting)
c. Goal is to get all DMS required documents submitted by March 15th, approval typically takes 7
working days. Possible we could get COC around April 1st.
d. Cost Drivers:
i. Replacement of Federal Pacific Electrical Panels (two of them) due to know problems.
Good news: not ALL FP panels need to be replaced. Commercial Rated Panels are OK,
Residential Rated Panel need replacing. Good news and Bad News: We have one of
each, so one needs replacing (one in Machine Shop Area). Possible Good News: There
appears to be a retro-fit kit that can be used that greatly reduces the cost. Being looked
ii. Automotive Issues (Fans exhaust system): Good news: Rich was advised to get a Fire
System Protection Engineer to do an evaluation for City Engineer. Bad News: This may
not overcome Fire Marshal’s objection to Plastics Area, Kilns, Forges etc. are within 50
feet of automotive (flammable fuels issue). Will be looked into, hopefully some
accommodation can be reached.
4. QuickBooks Upgrade: Steve Blanchard, Acting Treasurer, announced that we have outgrown current
version of QBO and will required an upgraded subscription. Will be on Monthly BoD Agenda.
5. Financial Audit: Kris Anderson relayed discussion for an outside Audit of DMS by end of year. This would
cover 2018 to present. The years 2010-2017 were closed as a single year and due to records aren’t
auditable. Estimated cost will be $20K.
6. Standard Operating Procedure: As part of the Contract between PureTax and DMS, PureTax was to
develop internal was contracted develop internal standard operating procedures. This has been on-going
since October of 2017. Multiple revisions have been made going back and forth with debate over certain
rules that were either at odds with our By-laws (which required mandatory changes) verses rules
regarding things that are culturally ingrained in DMS internal culture: e.g. Committees control their
spending of their funds and are not subject to approval by Treasurer. Before the BoD votes on acceptance
of final agreement, it will be posted for the general membership to review and make comments.
NOTE: PureTax at last several meetings has made it very clear if DMS are to have continued
success, due to our size and complexity, it needs to be managed more as a business and not as
club/small organization that we grew out of. The friction comes items that DMS holds as
valuable such fairly great committee autonomy. 
7. DMS Registered Agent: DMS has received back official confirmation from Texas Secretary of State that
Mary Mulhein is now the Registered Agent for DMS and that Robert Davidson has be relieved. Thank you
Board Actions:
1. Motion: (Kris Anderson, Steve Blanchard 2nd) Complaint against Robert Davidson be dropped.
Investigation showed no involvement. Full re-instatement. Will be notified with official apology for BoD.
VOTE For: 4
 Against: 0
Approved Unanimously
2. Meeting Adjourned at 7:45PM CST