Board of Directors Meeting 20190408 Special Meeting

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20190408 Board of Directors Special Meeting Minutes
•	Called to order at 7:03 PM, DMS Conference Room
•	Present: K. Anderson, C. Barber, D. Kessinger, Telephonically: L. Strickland, S. Blanchard

1.	Felder Dust System: Kris Anderson and Mark Salas: Money wired to Felder so it can be shipped.  No price change. Because of delay in time from original bid , Felder said they will have to contact contractor that was to do installation of cutting to determine if original bid price still valid.  Price could go up, down, or stay the same.

2.	Expansion: Stan Simmons & Rich Meyers: City Inspector came out today at about 10:00 AM.  Noted that the Lincoln Property Leasing Sign out front had open permit Violation from 9-27-2018.  Did not proceed with our Certificate of Occupancy inspection.  Left without even notifying DMS.    City was called in afternoon to ask why inspector didn’t show up.  Was told why.
Lincoln Property notified, they believed that they had a valid permit.  Tomorrow will ask can we take sign down so inspector can be called back out.  Then we’ll notify City to come back.
3.	Fee Finders Fee: There was a discussion about a possible finder’s fee  for the lift, see below.  Did not want to take up at this meeting, will at regular meeting.
New Business
Infrastructure requesting we buy a used manual lift.  Basket type, Height range 25’, Weight capacity 350#.  Cost has been negotiated down to $3,700.  Located in Ada, OK.  If approved, Stand and Rich will pick up tomorrow.  Will save cost of renting scissor lift.  Will Allow working on ceiling in 102 and elsewhere.
Motion: Kris Anderson, 2nd by Steve Blanchard:  Authorize $3,700 be transferred from General Funds to Infrastructure for purchase of lift.  Training required, will locked when not in use.
For: K. Anderson, S. Blanchard, C. Baber, D. Kessinger
Against: Strickland
Passed: 4-1

Meeting adjourned 7:13