Board of Directors Meeting 20190510 Special Meeting

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May 10th, 2019; 10:20 pm @ DMS

All members waive 7 day notice


  • Ken Purcell
  • Scott Blevins
  • James Henningson
  • Marshall Blats via phone (written copy of notice waived sent as a record)
  • Julie Harris (waived remotely via IM and a follow up written waive)

Additional present

  • Freddy Calvert
  • Jim Hartnett (Secretary for purpose of these meeting minutes and administrative task):


Perform a Google Takeout on the former board members and officers of the organization immediately to preserve records. Secretary, with witness, will perform a Google Takeout and GPG sign the results for cold storage. The process will involve resetting the user account passwords and, once complete, they will be able to set their password once again and resume account usage. The records will be maintained as an archive for the organization.

Ken Purcell abstains as a former officer

In favour: Scott Julie James Marshall

Meeting adjourned 10:37 PM