Board of Directors Meeting 20190515 Special Meeting

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Wed 15 May 2019 9:07PM - North Lobby Classroom

All board members waive 7 Day Notice.

Present – M. Blatz, Julie Harris, James Henningson, Scott Blevins, Ken Purcell

Meeting Secretary - Ken Purcell

Discussion with our attorney David Griggs to be our Registered Agent with Texas Secretary of State. He agrees and it would not be an additional cost, would be covered under our normal retainer.

Motion by Julie Harris - Update the DMS Registered Agent to David Griggs with Texas Secretary of State.

Seconds M. Blatz

Vote - All in Favor - Unanimous

General legal discussions with Mr. Griggs. Nothing immediate requiring action by the board.

Action item: Julie/Ken to file update registered agent form 401:

Action item: Mr. Griggs will pull our files and provide any opinions he has provided DMS over the years.

Motion to Adjourn - James Henningson Second - All in Favor – Unanimous - 9:47PM